Story #2

A skeletal figure slowly approached her as she backed down the hallway. Breathing deeply, she stifled a small, fearful whimper. “Who are you?” she demanded of the figure. No sound, and it moved closer. Behind her, a large steel red door was slightly cracked open. The room behind it was dark, forbidding and blew a cold musty air. The figure, tall and looming stopped and pointed a long finger towards the room. She sprinted to the end of the hall and slipped inside, closing the heavy door behind her.

Darkness. No light. She strained her eyes to find a glimmer of hopeful light, eyelids peeled back further and further. Nothingness, but the musty cold air that seemed to move around the room, without anything to provoke it. An unnatural nausea started within the base of her belly and creeped up to her chest making it difficult to breathe. She was silent and motionless in her fear, unable to emit any indication that adrenaline was moving through her at a rapid rate. She took a step forward, her bare foot sticking as she picked it up. It fell on a small sharp object, just enough to break the thick skin of her heel and penetrate several millimetres. She jerked her leg upward and her knee hit a cylindrical, bumpy surface. She ran her hand along it, feeling her flesh tear, determining it to be a rusty wet pipe.

Making the decision to move forward and away from her pursuant, she followed the guide of the pipe along what seemed to be a narrow hallway with a variety of obstacles to pass. More pipes at various heights had to be passed, her breath growing heavier and heavier.

Hands outstretched towards the empty black space guided her to yet another steel door, she opened it without difficulty. A dim light caused her pupils to collapse, and her pursuant was revealed within the next room.

Frozen, staring, she watched the fleshless monster as it approached with slow, steady steps. One by one, the tapping bones of its feet came closer to her. As its face was revealed, she felt her own head begin to spin, nausea grow and knees become weak. Its jaw opened wide, revealing nothing but empty space. The solid bone and teeth grew larger and larger until, with one swift movement, it devoured her.

Flesh began to grow around the figure, first muscles, cartilage, veins, then skin wrapping around the completed form. The nude figure turned and made its way out of the dim room leaving the door closed behind it.


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